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24 Mar 2016

Villa Melagrano, Bologna

Villa Melagrano 

Just south of the city of Bologna, you head towards Casalecchio and Sasso Marconi and from there ascend towards the town of Vergato in the Apennines. You will find yourself in the midst of oaks and chestnut thickets, hills and valleys that go from three hundred to a thousand meters, changing all the time in breathtaking views and colours. These are the Apennine valleys between the river Reno and Panaro. 

The area is very well known for its gastronomic delights: mushrooms, white truffles, Potatoes especially those from Tole, chestnuts, and world-famous cheeses like Parmigiano Reggiano are produced in the surrounding hills and valleys.

In this rural idyll there stands Villa Melagrano, a charming, rural Italian country home, fully restored using the local stone and retaining the original features


The villa stands on top of 13 hectares of its own private land, with two streams; surrounded by 360 degrees of valleys, meadows, mountains and forests with magnificent views of the local country side and distant Borgos (small villages) that dot the Apennine hillside, and light up at night like stars in the sky.

The villa is cool in the summer and warm in the winter can be reached by a very exclusive, totally private road and is off the beaten track. It has airy comfortable rooms, that will accommodate eight people easily, and four newly refurbished bathrooms. The kitchen, living room/dinning room, den, and entire villa is fully equipped with a new electrical and heating system. There is also a wood burning fireplace in a small den just off the living room which provides a cozy atmosphere for reading or watching television. It has gas-fired central heating, double paned windows, and roll-down mosquito shades throughout the villa. 

There are patios on two sides of the house with breath taking views, giving you a choice of a sunny or shady spot all day. There is a 5 X 10 meter in ground private swimming pool with decks surrounding the pool, and a hut and shower. In addition there is a large two car garage adjacent cantina and workshop and two mountain water wells. 

Dine all fresco under the gazebo or enjoy a BBQ by the pool. 

For more information about this exceptional property please see Villa Melagrano

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