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11 Sep 2013

The Ice Cream University

Luciano Ferrari, a teacher at the Carpigiani Gelato University, near Bologna is passionate about ice cream "otherwise you won’t last a month” says Ferrari, who ran Dolce Vita gelateria in Bologna for 20 years.

“The most important part of the job is done when the doors are closed, when you do your shopping,” he says. "You have to shop every couple of days in the market, especially when it comes to the fruit flavours. You have to use what’s available, and what meets your quality standards. If the strawberries are good that day, then you buy them.”

Ice cream shops are popular the world over, but Ferrari says  “It’s very rewarding and exciting from both a business and an emotional standpoint.”

Although Ferrari has spent more than 30 years in the gelato industry, his career path could easily have been quite different.  “I started to become more attracted to the product itself, rather than the technology. So I left my job and started a gelateria,” Ferrari says. He began teaching more than a decade ago and now works full time at the Carpigiani Gelato University. 

“It’s rare to have a class without representation from five continents. We have people investing weeks of their lives in a life-changing project; I like the idea of transferring my skills and give people the chance to have the same rewarding experience that I have."

Ferrari has taught the art of gelato making around the world, spending four years in the US. While the concept may be popular globally, he picked up on some key cultural differences. “When we go to teach in the US we are aware that some of the classic flavours that are big in Italy, such as hazelnut, are not so popular. Other flavours have become very successful in the US, such as caramel popcorn” he says." the most rewarding part of the job is having people experience a delicious gelato: A gelato artist is an emotion-maker. You create something which makes people happy, which in turns makes you happy.”

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