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3 Sep 2013

Gerard Depardieu : "The great chefs are all Italian..."

When it comes to culinary rivalry - there is little love lost between the French and the Italians.  So the recent comments by French actor Gerard Depardieu may provoke some disquiet in the French food world. The actor  declared “In France you can no longer eat well. The great chefs are all Italian… “  Praise indeed coming from a Frenchman!

The actor has been in the news for leaving France and moving to a small Belgium village as a protest against French taxes. A member of the French Légion d'honneur, Gerald Depardieu was acclaimed for his portrayal of Cyrano de Bergerac that landed him an Academy award nomination. He is also a vineyard owner, a cultural ambassador and bon vivant, well known for his appreciation and knowledge of food and wine.

In the interview with Le Figaro, he singled out the chefs of  Parma for special recognition as “the very best in Italy”. He went on to say “I am a citizen of the world when it comes to cuisine. What is exciting is to be served a pasta dish with great wine in an Italian Trattoria and come out feeling as light as a feather”  Parma, is famous  for   Parmigiano-Reggiano (parmesan) cheese and prosciutto crudo (ham) and just down the road in Modena, Balsamic vinegar is produced, then there is Bologna, the home of Lasagne and Tagliatelle and the town's famous tomato and meat sauce. All to be found in Emilia Romagna.

More culinary delights were served up at the Ball  Monsieur Depardieu held for 200 of his new Belgian neighbours - but we understand that the menu was strictly Italian! 
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