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19 Aug 2013

Reasons For Buying In Emilia Romagna

Emilia Romagna offers unrivalled opportunities for outstanding properties: beautiful stone farmhouses, villas by the sea or apartments in one of the magnificent towns of the region such as Bologna, Parma or Reggio Emilia. It is a paradise for property renovators too or anyone who loves doing up beautiful old houses. Strict planning permission laws severely restrict the construction of new properties within the boundaries of the many regional and national parks of the area. As a result, new property will continue to become more elusive and therefore more expensive. Many foreign buyers are investing the lovely farmhouses of the region, keen to own a property in an area which is becoming increasingly popular. Many farmhouses have barns and stables, ripe for conversion into further living accommodation for guests or to provide rental income.

For further information see Discover Emilia Romagna

Key benefits of investing in property in Emilia Romagna 
  • Pay no capital gains tax on property profits
  • Cut purchase costs by claiming residency
  • On an £80,000 property, for example, stamp duty would be charged at 10% in France, 6% in Spain and 4.5% in Italy
  • Fast growing Emilia Romagna is in the process of being discovered only now
  • Possibility to renovate great old houses into fabulous residences that earn big money rent in the high season
  • Is at the centre of the low cost flights revolution as seen by the cost of fares to Parma, Bologna and Forli.
  • Central position: Reggio Emilia (60 km), Modena (40 km), Bologna (125 km), Milan (205 km). Ligurian coast 1hr 20 minutes, Adriatic coast 2 hrs.20 mins.
  • Excellent road infrastructure.
  • Very low council taxes. An average farmhouse would be assessed as € 100 per annum.
  • Not only is Italy Europe's lead reformer on property tax, it is also mainland Europe's premier job creator and offers great opportunities for the rural renovator and the city apartment investor too!
  • The Apennine Tourist Board is to undertake a series of initiatives to raise the profile of the area with people from outside Italy. This will undoubtedly lead to more tourism and an increase demand for rental accommodation. The initiatives will be aimed primarily at those seeking holidays whose criteria are excellent leisure facilities, quality of service, exceptional

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