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11 Jul 2013

Added value from your dream Italian property you could live the dream and earn added value from your Italian property...

Many Italian property buyers are looking for added value from their purchase. Lucrative short term rentals is one way or for those planning to live full time in Italy, a bed and breakfast in an idyllic setting, providing a steady income throughout the year

You may even contemplate an Agriturism, combining a B&B with an agricultural element, the produce sold directly to guests or in the farm shop. Whatever your preference careful planning is paramount so to get the most out of your Italian investment.

In all cases you will have to think about how to get your property noticed, so a marketing strategy is essential. Promotion through rental websites, social media or your own website or blog are all tried and trusted methods.
A word of advice, provide as much information as possible about the property, the location and local amenities. Images are the first impression so they must portray the property in the best light possible. 

The are practical considerations as well. If you are not there full time you will need a local person to meet the guests to hand over the key, cleaning/linen changes need to be carried out between visits, maintenance may be needed from time to time, personal liability insurance is also a must. 

If your dream is a bed and breakfast, you will be there to do the practical things yourself and also provide the breakfasts for your guests. Some owners prefer to live in a separate building to the guest building so traditional Italian properties with a main farmhouse and a renovated barn for the owners offer a perfect solution. A swimming pool or the ability to install one is always advisable. 

The size of the property is an important consideration, if you are running a B&B how many guests do you want to cater for? For summer rentals we would suggest at least a two bedroom and preferable 3 bedroom so that your property appeals to both couples and families. 

So what income can I expect from my property? 

  • A two bedroom apartment with shared pool near the beautiful walled town of Lucca: 1,200 Euros per week in the May to September period. 
  • A four bedroom detached villa in Tuscany : 2,500 – 3,000 Euros per week. 
  • The larger the villa and the more services offered (airport pickups, wine tasting, catering services etc ) the more income you can generate. 
  • A bed and breakfast near Bologna in Emilia Romagna: 70-80 Euros per person per night. 
  • Five bedroom villa by the sea in Puglia: 3,000 Euros per week. 
  • Five bedroom villa by the sea in Tuscany: Starting from around 5,000 Euros per week. 

Realpoint can offer properties all over Italy that are either short stay rentals or are suitable for renting or as a B&B. Please contact us if you would like an informal chat about your plans.

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