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4 Jan 2012

Enjoy Sicily Unpacked on the BBC

When we think of Sicily we often conjour up all sorts of romantic and yet confusing emotions. If you have never been, then leave behind all your preconceptions and prepare to indulge in one of the most relaxing yet inspirational regions of Italy.

But no need to simply take our word, the BBC is now presenting a 3-part mini-series - Sicily Unpacked - in which Art critic Andrew Graham-Dixon ventures on a journey with chef Giorgio Locatelli around the wonderful island of Sicily.

Sicily is a book of history and art, a compendium of the greatest civilizations and cultures of all time. A sunny island whose landscape is rich in contrasts, with a splendid coastline and a refined, delicious and varied cuisine of traditional flavours and exquisite aromas: the quintessence of Mediterranean culture, yet also dense with intellectual complexity and refinement, so well represented by the literary masterpieces of Luigi Pirandello, Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa, Leonardo Sciascia, Gesualdo Bufalino and today, Andrea Camilleri. Every style, every movement in art is richly represented in Sicily.

The series highlights the rich heritage of the island to show you the Sicily you may not be aware of, showing us the unique literature, politics and religion, architecture, art, not to mention the food, wine and inspirational landscape

Sicily Unpacked explores these various  elements of Sicilian culture showing how they interact in surprising ways.

For details of the BBC series, follow Sicily Unpacked

Once you have enjoyed the series, you may be interested in a visit to Sicily to view properties, and this is where we specialise. not only will our partners show you wonderful buildings for sale, you will also be able to sample Sicilan hospitaly and family cuisine at first hand.

Our favouites area of Sicily is Ragusa and the whole south-east corner of Sicily, This area continues to offer property buyers all the ingredients necessary for a wonderful holiday home: a year round warm climate, sandy beaches and wide selection of holiday properties at attractive prices. The new airport of Comiso in the south of the island  is located just a few kilometers from Ragusa. Direct flights from the UK already exist to Catania, but when Comiso opens (Ryanair and Jet2 both ready to fly there) this will open up the southern coast of the island to second home owners, so now is the time to take advantage of the excellent prices, before the rush starts!

The southern Sicilian coast around Ragusa is an ideal destination for those who want to combine a relaxing vacation on the beach with cultural sightseeing in one of the most renowned Baroque areas of Europe. Add to this a new 800 boat marina and Ragusa is an even more exciting holiday home destination

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