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30 Mar 2011

Life is sweet in Italy

When we think of La Dolce Vita it usually conjures up sun soaked beaches, balmy Mediterranean evenings  and sparkling wines accompanying delicious Italian cuisine. This week in Turin the term La Dolce Vita (The Sweet Life) takes on a slightly different meaning.

Turin, the capital town of Piemonte  is celebrating its reputation as Italy's Chocolate Capital with the Cioccolato chocolate show running from March 25th to April 3rd. Festivities will feature 6,000 chocolate makers from Piemonte and other parts of Italy, with tastings, exhibits, cooking courses, tours and river cruises.

Visitors will be treated to the tasty stages of chocolate making, from the base to its final form. A fully functioning Gianduia factory will be in operation. Gianduia is a hazelnut and chocolate confection for which Turin is famed. Gianduia was first sold in 1865, becoming the first chocolates wrapped in glittering foil.

The Accorsi Ometto Museum will show visitors how aristocrats of the 1700's indulged in hot chocolate, when it was still a privilege of elite circles. Turin's chocolate-making roots began in 1559, when Emanuele Filiberto di Savoia first brought cocoa beans home to Piemonte. Chocolate was served in the region exclusively as a hot beverage until 1826, the year entrepreneur Pierre Paul Caffarel introduced the production of solid chocolate. Caffarel is still a leading Italian chocolate brand.

Today, the Piemonte region produces 80,000 tons of Gianduia,  40% of Italy's total production. Gianduia was also central to the fortunes of Italy's chocolate multinational Ferrero. Pietro Ferrero started manufacturing chocolate in the Piemonte town of Alba in 1942. His first product was a hazelnut and chocolate spread called "Giandujot," a precursor to the company's world-famous Nutella.

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