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14 Jul 2010

Property in Liguria and the Italian Riviera

I recently travelled to Liguria to refresh our relationship with some of our best partners operating in the Liguria region. This region has changed since my last visit - and all for the better. Staying at Ventimiglia I learned that a new marina, on the cards for the last 20 years, is now taking shape.

I learned about the inreasing price differentials between neigbouring France, making the Italian Riviera much more afforable than the French Cote D'Azur.
In particular the cost of living is much better in Italy and many French people travel over the border for their weekly supplies of food and wine.

Known as the Riviera dei Fiori (The Riviera of Flowers), Liguria is an absolute jewel. With 300 km of coastline, beautiful beaches, picturesque little towns, colourful outdoor markets and wonderful food, it is not suprising that Liguria property is so popular with second home owners. Accessibility is not a problem either, with airports at Nice and Genova.

Property prices in Liguria have drawn people away from its slightly aloof neighbour, the Côte d'Azur. There are properties to suit all budgets and we think our selection will prompt you to take a closer look at this wonderful region, it really does offer the best in Italian living!.

For example this charming property in the Pompeiana Borgata Conio area. Just 3 km inland from the coast in a quiet, characteristic village setting. The house is stone built on 3 floors and has a large roof terrace from which there are panoramic sea views.

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