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4 Nov 2009

Parma. Cheese, ham and a lot, lot more..

Parma is a wonderful town brimming with culture, a town unlike any of the many beautiful cities that attract people to Italy. Marvellous art, wonderful architecture, theatres, museums and palaces all vie with each other to delight even the most discerning visitor. Parma’s elegant shops, charming cafes and exquisite restaurants will enchant you, yet a short drive from Parma will find youself surrounded by the beautiful mountain scenery of the Apennines of Emilia Romagna
Parma is a small city with very little crime - compared to other cities in Italy and in the world. Its climate is good - hot in the summer and mild in mid seasons, cold in the winter and good ski resorts abound.. The countryside and hills around Parma are also lovely and the sea is only about a couple of hours away. The food is among the best in Italy: Parmigiano cheese, prosciutto (ham), Porcini mushrooms and much more! Parma is the centre of the EU food safety ministry. If you like art and culture as well, there is plenty to do and see with all the nice theatres, art exhibitions and monuments etc If you like the outdoor life then Parma is also a great location.
Italian cities are usually pretty old, that is why perhaps the buildings can look run down sometimes, but, don't be fooled, never judge a book by its cover! Run down buildings can be very nice inside and be beautiful homes...most Italians tend to live in apartments in cities, it is quite common because there is not space for everybody to have their own independent house, but nevertheless, there can be some very attractive apartments and quite desirable/expensive ones in the city centre. If you want to live outside the city, we suggest you look at areas such as the refined thermal spa town of Salsomaggiore Collecchio, Noceto, Fidenza or in the foot hills of the Apennine mountains where you can find stone farmhouses for renovation at very interesting prices. You should be able to find a higher number of independent homes or semi-detached properties there. Parma, however, is a very liveable city, you can get around easily with a bicycle or a scooter. There are 2 main parks, the Parco Ducale and the Citadella. It is a great place for families, overall a safe relaxing place and is among the places with
the highest quality of life in Italy.
Parma has seen a decline in house sales over the last 12 moths but the town has faired better than most other Italian towns. There has been a decline of about 3% in house sales but prices have remained stable. Negotiation is the key in Italy and although vendors may not reduce prices up front they are much more ready to accept offers than a year ago. In the centre of Parma, houses with gardens are hard to come by. Most Italians live in apartments and prices in the centre of town range from €3,000 to €4,000 per per m2. On the outskirts or small towns nearby such as Fidenza, Noceto, Collecchio prices per m2 range from €1,500 to €2,500, you can find more detached houses outside the town while a farmhouse in need of renovation in the foot hills of the Apennine mountains can be bought for around €500 to €750 per m2
Rental prices in the centre of Parma are around €1,000 per month. Holiday lets (apartments or houses) will give higher rates of return, around €350 to €400 per week.
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