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10 Apr 2009

Proposed Change of Legislation: Piano Casa (Housing Plan)

A DIA for extraordinary maintenance will not longer be requested under the new decree, nor for change of use for paving of external areas, including parking, and for a series of other works which will become 'liberi'. It is one of the simplifications contained in the draft of the Piano Casa which should get approval from the Regions. The text will be discussed before Easter.

The new laws have the objective to accompany Regional laws and be adopted within 90 days, and therefore to assist the 20% increase promised by the decree on volumes, and the plans for demolition and reconstruction. The text contains various simplifications, and will be accompanied by a law with more structural measures, starting with the cancellation of the permission to build. For the 'ampliamento di cubatura' (20% increase in volume) all that will be needed will be a 'denuncia di inizio attività' the DIA - which will also include underground work to the sides of a property, but not on the access side - with a 20% increase in the overall volume.

Also all work inside the property which does not affect the overall volume will not need to be declared including, movement of earth for agriculture, temporary open deposits for goods and materials, emergency works, change of destination without building work, paving of outside areas, installation of solar panels and tanks for LPG. the only formality requested will be to notify the Comune within 30 days of the completion of the work.

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